CLO2 Anti-viral Cleaning Kit


Chlorine Dioxide is a great non-bleach sanitizer that’s easy to use and gentle on skin, fabric, and hard surfaces. Great for sanitizing everything from kitchen counters to laundry.

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Chlorine dioxide is a powerful, human-safe sterilizing agent that is a great alternative to bleach and other sterilizers. Industry has used Chlorine Dioxide for decades, but this powerful sterilizer has never been sold to the public because of its relatively short shelf life and the difficult manufacturing process. Now, using a process innovated by Dr. Bryon Tarbet, we are excited to bring this human-friendly product to the general public. Each kit contains materials to make 10 gallons of sanitizing solution.

The discovery of chlorine dioxide is credited to Sir Humphrey Davey in the year 1811. Since that time it has been used as a human-safe way to sterilize food products and drinking water without generating harmful side compounds such as trihalomethanes or halo acetic acids (THM’s and HAA’s).

Chlorine Dioxide is approved by USDA for cleaning fruits, vegetables, grains, and hard surfaces where food contact will occur (21CFR178.1010 – food processing plants) and roughly 500 drinking water plants use chlorine dioxide to purify public drinking water. It is effective at killing bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses, parasitic microorganisms, and sporulated microorganisms while not harming eukaryotic cells (humans or animals). Best of all, these organisms cannot build a resistance to chlorine dioxide.

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