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The Science

Our natural ingredients

To supplement the powerful relieving effects of CBD, we carefully and deliberately selected other natural ingredients that bring longer and stronger relief. There are no fillers, no extras, and no additives. Every ingredient is chosen specifically to boost the overall healing properties of our creams and tinctures.

Some of these plant compounds that have been used for thousands of years for relief and healing, including arnica, an herb frequently used to soothe muscle pain, and passionflower, a calming medicinal plant. But we didn’t just rely on historical remedies. We scoured the scientific community to find the oils and extracts that are proven to help your body in one way or another. Every compound and ingredient we select works alongside CBD to help your body heal.

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Among these ingredients are

Moringa oil
Organic Virgin Coconut oil
Comfrey oil
Calendula oil
Aloe Vera extract
Bioavailable Collagen
Other Antioxidants

Selected SpectrumTM

Broad spectrum CBD is a natural extract of the hemp plant, and it is one of the most effective non-opioid painkillers known to man. Even by itself, it can typically provide between 3-5 hours of relief.

We don’t think that’s enough. That’s why we developed our Selected Spectrum™ relief. CBD in its most pure form, supported by a few select terpenes and other compounds to penetrate, deliver, and last. Using our Selected Spectrum™, customers report anywhere between 12 and 36 hours of total relief. And since we only use natural ingredients in our products, you never have to worry about damaging your skin when you use our pain relief creams.

Our unique blend of ingredients helps soothe your pain and encourage healing, all while fortifying your skin. Each of our proprietary synergistic ingredients are selectively chosen to soothe, moisturize, and heal your body, all without leaving behind a greasy residue. Instead, it is designed to smoothly and deeply penetrate your skin to provide you the relief you need while nurturing your skin.

Efficacy First®

Our goal is simple: Faster, longer, and stronger pain relief.

As scientists, we have a deep understanding of how pain works in the body, as well as the chemistry of the ingredients we work with. Our creams target your pain at the cellular level so that relief comes quickly. Many have reported the onset of relief in as little as 60 seconds.

Thanks to the years spent perfecting our formula, we offer the best pain relief cream on the market. While our competitors offer 3-5 hours of relief, our customers typically enjoy 12-36 hours of pain relief. And as new science becomes available, we look forward to improving The Doctors to be better and better.

Our ingredients are pure, ethical, and natural. We have tested our products on over 200 individuals. Each time, they told us our pain relief creams and tinctures worked faster, better, and longer than anything else they’d tried. They even pointed out how our pain relief creams had no greasy residue or unpleasant side effects. Just easy pain relief.