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CBD pain relief, bottled
1 fl. oz. of The Doctors CBD Pain Relief Tincture

A tincture is an herbal extract that has medicinal purposes. These typically are alcohol extracts, but not always. CBD tinctures use edible oils instead of alcohol, and typically come in 1 oz. bottles. Depending on what ingredients are used, these tinctures can be useful for either pain relief, or to help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Most CBD tinctures are marked with how many milligrams of CBD comes in a given bottle. This means that bottle marked 750 has 750 mg of CBD dissolved in 1 oz. of carrier oil. Though this varies widely from brand to brand, the most common amounts of CBD per bottle are 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 3000 mg per fluid oz. Some brands sell tinctures that are as high as 6000 mg in a fl. oz. However, beware of brands that claim to have more than 6000 mg in a 1 oz. bottle, since that’s about as much CBD as will dissolve in 1 oz of carrier oil. Always buy from reputable brands that have a certificate of analysis done by a third party.

Tinctures are usually taken between once and twice a day by mouth, with a dose of between .25 ml to 1 ml. Depending on how much CBD is in a given tincture, this results in a dose that’s between 12.5 mg and 100 mg of CBD.

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