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Edible gummy CBD
Edible CBD candies are becoming more popular

Edible” is a broad term used to describe any food item that has either CBD or THC. Oftentimes they’re more a recreational tool than a therapeutic one, but things like CBD gummies are becoming more popular.

Most broad or full spectrum tinctures can be extremely bitter, which makes them hard to take for a lot of people. Many people will even resort to adding their tincture to something like coffee to cover up the taste.

CBD gummies seem to be the most common type of edible, with dozens and dozens of brands offering their own type. Just like with tinctures, taste is often a major factor, and many edibles will contain a lot of sugar. This makes edibles a more calorie-dense way of taking CBD, and those who are trying to avoid sugar should be mindfull of this.

However, they’re also a really easy way to take CBD. Instead of using a dropper, or trying to calculate dose, all you have to do is take a gummy. Feeling a little anxious at work? Just pop a gummy. Since most gummies have about 25 mg of CBD, it’s relatively easy to control your dose. You won’t get as much control as a dropper, but for a lot of people, the ease of use is worth it.

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