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Breakfast burrito lovers rejoice!

The University of Minnesota recently published a study on how well CBD absorbs in people who’re fasting vs people who’ve just eaten a high fat meal, and it turns out that breakfast burritos (~850 calories, with ~550 calories coming from fat) actually help your body absorb oral CBD much better. 

And not just by a little. By a whopping sixteen times.

The researchers think that one of the reasons why is because CBD is an oil; it doesn’t really dissolve in water, so when it’s taken by itself your body has a hard time dealing with it. When it’s taken with something that your body does know how to digest and use (like fats and oils), it’s absorbed so much better. This is because the same things that your body uses to absorb fats, like bile and lymph lipoproteins, will work to help your body absorb CBD. The researchers also think it might have something to do with how long it takes for the CBD to pass through your digestive system. If it’s taken with food, it takes longer, giving your body more time to break down and integrate the CBD than it might have on an empty stomach.

However, one of the most important pieces of the study was that there were no cognitive differences between the group that took CBD on an empty stomach and the group that took it with their breakfast burrito. This just confirms what’s been known for a long time: you can’t really overdose on CBD. However, it does mean that you’re basically getting more bang for your buck when you take it with a fatty meal rather than alone, because the CBD will be absorbed faster, more effectively, and stay in your system longer than if you take it on an empty stomach. That, in turn, means that you’ll have a more consistent level of CBD in your system over time, rather than high peaks and valleys like you might if you take it on an empty stomach. Additionally, it means that you might be able to use a lower dose of CBD, because your body is more able to absorb the CBD you take rather than just letting it pass through your system. Check with your doctor before you change your CBD regimen, however. 

Like always, here’s a link to the original article so you can read it for yourself.

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