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Longer, Stronger Relief

We combined the purest form of CBD and other natural ingredients to create a pain relieving cream that works faster, lasts longer, and soothes almost any type of pain.

Our products.

Topical relief creams

Absorb into the skin and target pain.

Ingestible tinctures

Soothe internal pain and inflammation.

As we watched our friends and close family members suffer from chronic pain, we searched for relief but found that there were no good long-term, non-addictive solutions.

We decided to craft the solution from the ground up by avoiding any ingredients with harmful side effects or addictive properties.

Why CBD?

Nature produces many wonderful, useful compounds, and CBD is one of them. CBD, a cannabinoid commonly found in the genus Cannabis, is a powerful ingredient that has been used to treat pain and other ailments for centuries.

“I recently had surgery on both my feet and have used this cream over the last week to help my feet heal from the trauma of that surgery. This cream has been amazing in my recovery! Aside from softening and keeping my skin supple which has made walking more comfortable, this cream has helped with the pain, seems to reduce the bruising, and even helped with swelling. I love this cream! Now that stitches are out I am confident that my healing will progress at a more rapid pace since it helps with my pain and the scars are very much, much reduced with the regular twice daily application. Thank you for this amazing cream!”

Susie Griffin

“The cream world wonders on my Uticaria better than anything else I have tried.”

Clare McDermott

“I've used this cream and passed it out to family and my neighbor, who has a little one that was in pain full time. This cream works excellent and doesn't sting on cuts or burns.”

Jennifer Mitchell